CPA Exam 101

If you just graduated or are a seasoned professional who wants to take the CPA exam but don’t know where to start, start here with CPA Exam 101.

This is a FREE introductory workshop that answers your questions about:

- Mentally preparing for the CPA exam;
- Stumbling blocks you may have to deal with;
- Studying while working or with kids;
- My personal struggles with passing the CPA exam;
- The history and importance of you becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

Start here to learn about the CPA exam before joining the CPA Exam Virtual Classroom Membership.

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What's the CPA exam? How to get started with the CPA exam as a new candidate or accounting professional.

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#CareerConvos: Career Advice for Ambitious Accountants

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Have you ever took a new accounting or finance job hoping for something better, only for it to be the same or worse than your last job?

Don’t blame the company, that just means you need to be more intentional in your job search. Asking the right questions could have given you more perspective on what it was going to be like working in the new place.

#CareerConvos: Career Advice for Ambitious Accountants walks you through each step of redefining your career.

Includes a 5-module digital masterclass of:

  • Self-discovery: ask yourself tough career questions
  • How to spice up your resume for impact
  • Strategic job searching that saves time
  • Interview preparation + impactful interview questions to ask
  • Getting what you deserve AND what you negotiate

+ a bonus episode of The WERKin' Mommas podcast only available here.

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